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Danica Mariz Capuras

Sourcing Specialist - Metacom Bpo Solutions
Mechatronics - Next Generation Technological College

Danica Mariz Capuras
Date Of Birth: 1998-08-25
Nationality: Filipino
Country of Residance: Philippines
City: Manila


Mechatronics (2015 - 2017)
Other: Next Generation Technological College


Consulting Agency (2021 - Present)
Metacom BPO SOlutions

Work Experience

Sourcing Specialist

Metacom BPO Solutions - Consulting - Metacom BPO Solutions


At Metacom, our goal for our people is to be inspired, motivated and creative with their work. Our management approach is designed to help our employees strive for excellence while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sapient continuously strives to improve working processes and environment for their employees’ positive morale.

Other Information

We value our employees first and our clients second. Here are the benefits we offer that you’ll surely love:


a. Health Maintenance / HMO

b. Scholarship Program

c. Child Care

d. Competitive Salary

e. Discounts on Pharmacies

f. Loyalty Incentives

g. Health and Wellness Programs

h. Shuttle Services

i. Retirement Fund

j. Free Meal and Coffee

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