Tips For Great CV and Job Search

Since decision makers and hiring managers would receive a lot of resumes on their desks, then you have to follow some techniques to ensure that you can attract more interview offers, check on the following six key tips:

1.   Your CV should demonstrate what are the Hiring Managers looking for

Even if you have strong written CV, it should be able to highlight who you are and what you are capable of through scanning it, managers would scan the CV in few seconds, and that's your chance to gain their interest, no long CV or poorly formatted one can do that!

  • Write precise clear headings and organizing the format to maintain recognizable paragraphs and logical appearance
  • Chose different styles of fonts to such as italic and bold to ease scanning the cv and emphasis the important lines and words
  • Using bullet points and list are important to demonstrate your capabilities (such as listing down your achievements)

2.   Don't Address Yourself As a Doer, Show Your Achievements!

Companies always look for candidates who can offer them solutions to problems, add value to their growth and be able to achieve their strategic targets and goals, and that's why you have to show them how much success in projects and tasks you've achieved in companies you worked with, and what you are able to offer them to justify hiring you.

  • Concentrate on what you have done in the job, not what was asked from you to do.
  • Address the job description at the beginning, and then write your achievements in bullet points.
  • While writing and listing down each of your accomplishments, state the benefit of each one.
  • Achievements should be unique to you, not things others or anyone can do.
  • Don't describe job(s) you held in general statements, be specific.

3.   Market For Yourself and Your Achievements

Writing too much management or industrial terms that would mislead the reader of your resume will not help in marketing yourself, don't forget your CV is your tool to show decision makers your skills and strengths to choose you, make it that way.

  • Highlight your skills and strengths which make you the unique candidate, your achievements not anyone else daily work.
  • Transfer your accomplishments into figures and numbers that would attract the hiring managers attention and confidence about you.
  • Since you want to show them that you are unique, you should highlight what could go wrong if you didn't do certain actions in your previous work.

4.   Design Your CV To Avoid Errors And Flaws, And Suit The Industry You Are Applying For

Your CV design reflect how serious you are, how organized and how you look for perfection, you may lose opportunities if your resume is not well designed, remember engineers and scientist should have different resumes from Artists and Architects.

  • Think of what matters for your industry to highlight and address.
  • Review your resume as much as you can, you have to be sure it's free of errors of any kind, grammar, spelling, figures, etc.

5.   What Matters is Your Career Summary Not Objectives, It's All About What You Can Offer.

Design a Career Summary to give comprehensive, but yet a brief about your profession. Hiring Managers are looking for benefits for their corporations, while Career Objectives are pretty the same and don't provide the required Idea.

  • Career Summary is the most important part that would be scanned, it's only few seconds chance you have to let them decide to go through details, remember that!
  • Again, it's not about what you've been asked to do in your previous Job, it's about what are you able to offer the company?, that's what will attract decision makers.

6.   Reach out and Communicate

Distribute your CV across companies, reach out Hiring Managers, it's your full time job to let them recognize you.

  • Use your personal contacts, check out with formal colleagues and business relations if they have vacancies around
  • Find online marketing tools, which can offer you recognition across the work market, such as CV Distribution.
  • Search online, and stay up to date about who's looking for employees

Remember!, you have to hold in hand a strong CV and it has to reach out who value your skills and knowledge.

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