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Anna Sonia

Enterprise Risk Management Expert Officer Pt Waskita Karya (persero) Tbk. - Pt Waskita Karya (persero) Tbk.
Ilmu Komunikasi Bisnis - Stiks Tarakanita

anna sonia
Date Of Birth: 1991-03-22
Nationality: Indonesian
Country of Residance: Indonesia
City: Jakarta


Ilmu Komunikasi Bisnis (2015 - 2017)
University: Stiks Tarakanita
3rd Diploma Of Secretarial Studies (2009 - 2015)
University: Stiks Tarakanita
Magister Of Management – Finance (2018 - 2020)
University: Ppm School Of Management


ISO Expert’s ISO 31000:2018 (2020 - 2030)
IIEA (Indonesia ISO Expert Association)
Being Creative for Self and Business Development (2020 - 2030)
PPM School of Management
Project Business Survival Hints in a New Normal ERA (2020 - 2030)
PPM School of Management
Program Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional Tepat Sasaran (2020 - 2030)
Prodeep Institute

Work Experience

Enterprise Risk Management Expert Officer PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk.

PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk. - Construction - Jakarta

  • Risk reporting tailored to the relevant audience. (Educating The Risk Owner the their departments)
  • Determine and implement a ERM Infrastructure.
  • Integrate Risk management with strategic management process.
  • Develop and communicate ERM policies.
  • Implement appropriate risk reporting to the Audit Committee and CEO.
  • Coordinate with Internal Audit, Corporate Office, Business Unit and Waskita Subsidiaries to achieve desired performance of Risk Management
  • Support regular reporting and assist Board / Audit Committee in decisions related to Risk Management.
  • Involves Risk Management as an analysis in carrying out of Corporate Actions
  • Monitor the application and effectiveness of risk management processes (seen from the risk profile that has been made of Risk Treatment - a Risk Map - whether the risk increases, decreases, or is the same as before)
  • Ensure that a comprehensive and continuous risk identification process is in place.
  • Identify Risk Ownership.
  • Facilitate periodic enterprise wide risk assessment.
  • Ensure Comprehensive Mitigation Action Planning.
  • Monitor and report the progress of Mitigation Action Plans.
  • Ensure that cultural issues with respect to Risk Management are effectively managed.
  • Periodically review risk policies, procedures, reporting templates and framework to ensure everything is up to date.

Secretary of Division V - Business Strategy Division – Risk Management Division

to PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk. - Construction - Jakarta


1.     answering telephone calls

2.     maintaining diaries

3.     arranging appointments

4.     taking messages

5.     typing and word processing

6.     filing

7.     organising and servicing meetings (producing agendas and taking minutes)

8.     managing databases

9.     prioritising workloads

10.  recruiting, training and supervising junior staff

11.  handling correspondence

12.  implementing new procedures and administrative systems

13.  liaising with relevant organizations

14.  coordinating mail-shots and similar publicity tasks

15.  Handling small – big Event

16.  Handling ticketing and accomodations

Marketing Tender Staff

PT. Aditya Group - Transportation - Jakarta Utara


1. Prepare documents for auction

2. Helping the technical team in preparing personnel

3. Make an independent work schedule

4. Watch the auction that will begin

5. Other administrative work

Other Information

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Donor Darah PT Aditya Aryaprawira Group dan Lions Club dengan Palang Merah Indonesia

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September 19th 2013

Participant of National Lecturer Series 2013

PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk.

March 25th 2011

Participant of Table Manners

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March 19th 2011

Participant of Beauty Class “Discover Your Beauty in 9Steps”

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February 26th 2011

Participant of Seminar Jurnalistic& Public Speaking

Tarakanita School of Business Communication and Secretarial Studies

March 5th-7th 2010

Participant of The Training Course “Build Your Positive


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