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Azi Birowo

Maintenance And Operation - Dissasembling Dan Assembling Heavy Equipment Components
S1 Tekni Mesin - Universitas Gunadarma

Azi Birowo
Date Of Birth: 1998-02-10
Nationality: Indonesian
Country of Residance: Indonesia
City: Bekasi


S1 Tekni Mesin (2016 - 2020)
High Institution: Universitas Gunadarma


Design software 3d CAD, CAE, dan CAM (2017 - 2018)
Neosia Training Center

Work Experience

Maintenance and Operation

Dissasembling dan Assembling heavy equipment components - Services - Tbk, jakarta


- Researching the repair and installation process on components. - Direct field research observations at the company. Discuss with operators, employees, and mechanics about the knowledge of each process in the field of heavy equipment.

- Know the process of material conditions for repair and work on the next stage.

Other Information

1. 3d Design project experience , Mechanical design

2. Pengalaman kursus

- Completed 1 full year, CAD / CAM / CAE Courses.

- Gets Solidworks International Certificate.

- Gets TOEFL Royal English (Score :480)

3. Pengalaman /Penghargaan

- Good and competence in operating Lathes, Machine tools, and Cnc

- Knowing in engineering, Manufacturing, Material industrial processes, Environmental engineering and amdal, K3, Aerodynamics, and Entrepreneurship.

4. Organisasi Himpunan mahasiswa teknik mesin (HMM) divisi wakil ketua P3K

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