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Dominic Nyaru Anak Medan

Assistant Engineer Intern - Grenoble's Rheology And Process Engineering Laboratory
Msc In Process And Bioprocess Engineering - University Toulouse Iii Paul Sabatier

dominic nyaru anak medan
Date Of Birth: 1995-04-21
Nationality: Malaysian
Country of Residance: Malaysia
City: sarikei


Msc In Process And Bioprocess Engineering (2017 - 2020)
University: University Toulouse Iii Paul Sabatier
Bsc In Physico-chemical Processes (2017 - 2018)
University: University Toulouse Iii Paul Sabatier
Technical's Degree (2015 - 2017)
University: Iut Gcgp Paul Sabatier

Work Experience

Assistant Engineer Intern

Grenoble's Rheology and Process Engineering Laboratory - Chemical


•Developed and validated proper rheometric practices adapted to the specific nature (biological, chemical and/or physical) of sludge’s samples
•Supervised and provided technical support to Technicians on site (Colombes, Paris) on the correct usage of rheometer (Thermo Haake Mars 3)
•Discerned the disturbing influences of different surface’s roughness on the curves obtained at steady state

Assistant Research Intern

Toulouse's Chemical Engineering Laboratory - Chemical


•Demonstrated the benefits of direct access to pores on Activated Carbon Fibre (ACF) compared to the conventional Granular and Powdered Activated Carbon (GAC and PAC)
•Identified that UV Visible Spectroscopy (Shimadzu UV 1800) was the best analytical method to determine the final concentration of ciprofloxacin
•Recommended that the same ratio of mass of ACF to the volume of reactor is maintained, upscaling was thus enabled

Assistant Research Intern

Toulouse's Chemical Engineering Laboratory - Chemical


•Trained by Engineer to quantify and analyse waste water treatment plant’s samples (Oxygen Chemical Demand, Suspended Matter and Nitrogenated substances)
•Calibrated the spectrophotometer (LANGE DR 3900) and the centrifuge (SIGMA 3K20)

Other Information


Master's Degree Final Year Project

Fractionation and purification of whey proteins to achieve a concentration factor of 2 and 80 purity using ultrafiltration
•Determined the composition of proteins in whey and identified Bovine serum albumin (BSA) as target based on feasibility and cost friendly factors
•Generated different existing methods to separate proteins and chose ultrafiltration as the best approach
•Organised schedule of experiments to be conducted using Gantt’s diagram
Finding : The 300 kDa membrane was recognised for being the most selective and productive for the separation of BSA

Technical's Degree Final  Year Project

Dimensioning a process to separate a water and butanol mixture (30% molar of water) until a purity of 99 9 molar for each constituent is achieved
•Conducted a mass and energy balance for the production unit designed and simulated the result with PROSIM software
•Demonstrated the design of distillation and absorption column along with heat exchanger from an established process flow diagram
•Proposed the dynamic and control implementation, the economics and cost estimation and the process intensification for the designed production unit
Finding : Distillation was the chosen process for its ability to separate azeotropic mixture


•Participated in the French Football’s Cup of University Institute of Technology tournament in 2017
•Took part in the Badminton’s Night Program of University Paul Sabatier tournament in 2018
•Joined the football and badminton team during the annual sports festival organised by MASAF (Malaysian Students in France’s Association) from 2015 to 2020
•Actively engaged with a local Muay Thai club (Martial Arts Gym) in Grenoble in 2020


Plant Design, Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena, Techniques of Separation for Materials, Thermodynamics, Modelling Simulation, Environmental and Industrial Pollution Control and Safety, Mathematics

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