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Rostaya Ropenia

Ast Manager - Finance Controller & Treasury Analyst - Pt Wings Abadi Airlines
Financial Management - Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia (stei) Jakarta

Rostaya Ropenia
Date Of Birth: 1987-12-05
Nationality: Indonesian
Country of Residance: Indonesia
City: DKI Jakarta


Financial Management (2005 - 2009)
University: Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia (stei) Jakarta


Brevet Tax A & B (26 Mei 2012 - 26 Mei 2012)
Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia
English Learning Course (2017 - 2018)

Work Experience

Ast Manager - Finance Controller & Treasury Analyst

PT Wings Abadi Airlines - Aerospace - DKI Jakarta


•    Checking daily bank reconciliation : making reconcile between Bank Statement and actual payment

•    Daily Cash Management : making actual cash flow based on actual payment and collection

•    Managing foreign currency exposure and foreign currency payments

•    Analysing outstanding payable and make consideration and decision about how and when it will be cleared

•    Monthly Net Cash Forecast : making net cash forecast ( projection ) for medium and long term.

•    Analysing various scenarios and risk and reporting to senior management

•    Checking all daily transactions payment and release bank in internet banking

Coordinating with bank officer in order to make opening bank account, time deposit, bank guarantee, and dealing forex rate

Supervisor Financial Control & Budgeting

PT.Manambang Muara Enim - Mining & Metals - DKI Jakarta


•    Review budget proposals and funding requests from all divisions.

•    Conduct cost/benefit and other types of analyses

•    Submit budget recommendations for approval or rejection of funding requests

•    Explain and defend recommendations to management and stakeholders

•    Collaborate with managers to develop final consolidated budget

•    Ensure the organization’s budget adheres to legal regulations

•    Maintain day to day budget versus actual analysis

•    Oversee expenditure and identify trends in budget consumption

•    Ensure routine budget preparation ( Balance sheet budget, income statement budget, and cash flow budget) is performed accurate and timely maner.

•    Make forecasts for future budget needs

Supervisor Accounting Reporting, Budgeting

PT. Royal Oriental ( Subsidiary of Sinar Mas Land ) - Property Management Building - DKI Jakarta


•    Responsible for Invoicing process and update.

   Journal Cash Bank include cash bank  in (revenue)& cash bank out (operating expense, included reconcile statement account bank) in SAP program.

   Manage accrued and prepaid expenses journal, listing asset with depreciation

   Manage list of receivable and follow up outstanding tenant

   Controlling account-account on GL, review realisation monthly expenses with budget and coordination with accounting team.

•    Manage list of payable vendor

Reporting / Cost Analysis :

-  Make amortisation of advance revenue, report revenue, and security deposit with fair value

-  Monthly accounting closing proses in order to maintain full set of accounts, including  reconsiliation

-  Ensurely timely reporting of financial reports and analysis.

-  Summarizes current financial status by collecting information on monthly, quarterly,  semianual such as preparing template balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow and other monthly reporting and also make consolidation report with outside branch.

Budgeting :

-  Make a template budget monthly PL , template budget cash flow, budget MOR ( Margin Operating Revenue), controlling the actual expense against budget and forecast and make analytical review for the variance.

•   Make a E-SPT PPh 4 , PPN, PPh 23 & PPh 21

•  Organize filling documentation for company taxation      

Senior Accounting Officer and Reporting

PT. Bayu Buana Tbk Travel Services - Leisure, Travel & Tourism - DKI Jakarta


•   Controlling Sales & Cost retur ticket, hotel, and tour

•   Controlling Sales & Cost OR

•   Controlling Sales & Cost document  (Visa, Pasport, etc)

•   Manage List of Fixed Asset From all branch

•   Controlling R/K (hubungan piutang ) from outside Branch (Bali. Balikpapan,Bandung) to matches with Head Office and make reporting from the all outside branch.

•   Manage employee loan & cooperation  ( koperasi karyawan )

•   Journal Cash in and cash out transaction and reconsile almost 80 account Bank Statement

•   Manage and controlling COA (chart of account) in General Ledger and posting in subsidiary ledger

•    Prepares consolidated internal and eksternal financial statement by analyzing information from the ledger systems.

•    Maintains and balances system by inputting data and verifying data.

•    Manage and journal memo accrued and prepaid

•    Prepares payments by accruing expenses , assigning account numbers, requesting disbursements and reconsiling accounts.

•    Make Sales Report.

Senior Accounting Officer ( Cost & Reporting)

PT. Mandala Multifinance (MMF) Tbk - Financial Services - DKI Jakarta


    Input account-account A/R from the branch code

    Input memorial journal such as accrued expenses, prepaid , depreciation list of assets

    Reconsile all Bank Statement

    Manage/ Cut off Account Receivable summary between Head Office and branch

    Journal Cash and Bank In and Out ( included operating expenses, revenue) and branch

    Manage Fixed Asset and make depreciation

    Controlling account-account on GL and coordination with accounting team.

    Make a monthly report from branches (Income statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) for  making strategic and operational decisions.

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