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PT. Bestprofit Futures Posted: 7 Days
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  1. Collecting and distributing news-release articles for mass media consumption
  2. Organizing press conferences, press perceptions, press parties, press tours, and the like
  3. Act as a provider of information for the mass media
  4. Arrange interview sessions between management and the mass media
  5. Providing special documentation of photographic and videographic products
  6. Producing and managing internal newspapers, bulletins, and/or other internal communication products , such as; videos, presentation slides, message boards, and others
  7. Producing external journals as consumption materials for distributors, consumers or customers
  8. Provide and manage a variety of audiovisual instruments
  9. Lead and organize ceremonial exhibitions including various materials
  10. Creating and maintaining corporate identity, such as logos, corporate colors, company vehicles, employee uniforms, and others
  11. Manage company visits for external public or vice versa from company personnel to other places
  12. Participate in important meetings and gatherings, both in the marketing division and events related to the leadership
  13. Become a company delegate at meetings with other institutions
  14. Create and then analyze and manage research pooling or other similar research
  15. Manage publishing and advertising work
  16. Organizing special events such as open houses including media coverage
  17. Collect and organize feedback from various sources of information such as the mass media, employees or from the external public
  18. Analyze feedback related to the achievement of company goals
  19. Manage various activities related to sponsorship and CSR activities

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