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Sous Chef (Western)

Sabah Oriental Hotel Posted: 1 Month
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  1. Minimum 3 years of relevant culinary experience
  2. Experience in fine-dining operations would be a plus
  3. Proven working experience as a Sous Chef with excellent communication skills
  4. Advanced knowledge of food profession principles and practices
  5. Excellent knowledge of systems, ordering and inventory
  6. Understanding of health, safety, and basic food hygiene practices
  7. Be punctual and well disciplined

Job Descriptions:-

  1. Monitor portion and waste control to minimize loss and wastage
  2. Contribute to the research and development for new and existing menu items, recipes, products, and processes
  3. Create flavorful and innovative culinary solutions that improve sales and profitability
  4. Analyze workplace performance and processes to identify opportunities for innovation, improved work practices and utilization of emerging technology
  5. Promote teamwork and quality service through daily communication and coordination with other departments
  6. Maintain procedures to ensure the security and proper storage of food and beverage products, inventory, and equipment
  7. Training of new kitchen staff and ensure team-cohesiveness in kitchen operations
  8. Replenish supplies in a timely manner and minimize waste
  9. Monitor the preparation of workstations before the start of each service
  10. Setting up workstation with all the needed ingredients and cooking equipment
  11. Ensuring great presentation by dressing dishing before they are served
  12. Checking quality of ingredients
  13. Monitoring stock and place order when there are shortages

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