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RTI System Automation

Company Nurse

RTI System Automation Posted: 2 Month
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Job Description:

a. Responsible for employee’s welfare, planning, budget & control of PPE supplies

b. Responsible in maintaining, checking of Personnel Hygiene and good manufacturing practices

c. Responsible for monitoring individual employee’s health conditions

d. Provides first-aid treatments and medications for employees as needed

e. Records patients' medical information and vital signs.

f. Assess and determine the health status of the employee which includes recommendation like sent home or back to work.

g. Consults and coordinates with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans

h. Responsible for medical supplies; monitor the stock inventory of medicines and other necessary supplies regularly

i. Refers/ transports ill employees to the hospital, as necessary.

j. Maintains all employees medical and other similar records

k. Schedules and implements annual/ periodical/ special examination of employees.

l. Engage in research activities related to nursing.

m. Performs general affairs tasks and activities such as coordination and processing of documents.

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