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Hydroscience Engineering Sdn bhd

Project Engineer

Hydroscience Engineering Sdn bhd Posted: 8 Days
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  1. Maintain good professional relationship with all customer.
  2. Provide sound engineering to all customer with regards to servicing issues and project issues
  3. Ensure that all servicing job and project related work are completed on time and within stipulated budget.
  4. Review and verification of daily, weekly and monthly job activities and plan manpower requirements according to job commitment
  5. Verifies that HSE employees conform to customer standards requirement
  6. Development, execution, and monitoring of skills training programs and refresher courses for employees
  7. Ensure that all employees/manpower of servicing/ project team are technically trained for servicing and project tasks,
  8. Ensure that all employees/ manpower of servicing/ project team are trained in ESH and work reliably as per customer ESH and work ethics requirement.
  9. Attending meetings and other scheduled meetings as needed to communicate status of work and provide improvement as necessary.
  10. Updates and presents weekly status report for all ongoing projects
  11. Implement improvement work, preventive maintenance program and projects to increase the reliability of staff / equipment
  12. Provide proper reporting, documentation and corrective action plan on interruptions, injuries, equipment downtimes, and other related problems
  13. Develop and improve any standard operating procedures, and system sequences of operation for operators and technicians
  14. Provide recommendations to improve services and any potential cost reduction opportunities to HSE internally and to customers

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