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Housekeeping -Supervisor

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 Housekeeping Supervisor with NC 11- Cebu City



1.     Conducts daily briefing in and out of all SPs and consequently reminds, reorients them on all matters involving FMI housekeeping standards and concerns.

2.     Know the Daily census to maximize the Proper Deployment

3.     Confirm all Housekeeping staff members have arrived or find substitutes for absent employees.

4.     Make sure to event and know the functions in your area

5.     Observed Proper Waste  Management

6.     To ensure twice a month cleaning of Canister

7.     Check completeness of Housekeeping Cleaning Materials, Equipments, Supplies and Amenities Daily Inform coordinator if the cleaner has its new mobile number.

8.     To check the Cross covering, PCR Checklist and Washroom Checklist Daily and before the shift end.

9.     Check Public Areas such as: Lobby , Hallways , Stairs and PCR’s

10.   Check the Pantry, Stations and Utility Rooms

11.   Investigates complaints, concerns and prepare a report within 24 hours regarding housekeeping services involving SPs recommends corrective action.

12.   Supervises all ongoing general cleaning, coordinates with Unit Managers, assesses/evaluates area, and identifies specialized cleaning procedures and Submit Notice of General Cleaning Weekly.

13.   Prepares Summary/Checklist of all general cleanings accomplished during the week.

14.   Assists SPs in performing project/special cleanings, if needed.

15.   Evaluates performance of all Service Partners reporting during his shift;

16.   Ensure After care before leaving the assigned Area.

17.   Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Head Supervisor.

18.   Endorsed the Back log to the next Shift Supervisor

19.   Before the shift ends, Report to the Head Supervisors the Accomplishments and Pending Concerns.

20.   Preparing of Monthly Report

21.   Monitoring of Equipments

22.   Monitoring of Personnel’s Grooming.

23.   Ensure that all Labels and Signage’s are updated and complete.

24.   Monitor Washroom Cleanliness, Keys and Cabinets and make sure closed at all times.

25.   Attend Supervisory Training

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