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John Clements Recruitment Inc. Posted: 25 Days
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1. Attends New Customer / New Product Qualification / Audits
2. Approves all 5Ms application (Internal). Applies External 5M to the customer.
3. Verifies effectiveness of actions taken & apply Horizontal deployment to other products/customers for:
a. Customer Claims and Customer Audits
b. Issued CAR/8D for OBA lot-out
4. Conducts Audit (Process, System)
5. Identifies and Prepares Inspection and Testing SWI for Incoming & Outgoing Inspection & other relevant procedures.
6. Supervises and ensures full implementation of the following quality assurance activity such as:
a. Incoming Inspection and Data Verification of Parts/Indirect Materials
b. Perform LCR for new product introduction and model transition.
c. Reliability Testing (Destructive Test)
d. Outgoing Inspection/OBA of finished products
e. Conducts verification of in-process defects (incoming parts NG)
f. Conducts On-site verification of customer claim defects reported by customer.
7. Coordinate Defective Parts / Materials disposition.
8. Identifies Inspection & Measuring Tools/Equipment
9. Supervises supplier’s rework/sorting activity for reported parts with quality problems (whenever applicable)
10. Spearhead meetings for customer claims, and feedback.
11. Attends & assists Product Safety Audit (TUV, UL) and reports results to Customer.
12. Conducts Training & assists Inspectors.

1. Knowledgeable to IPC & JIS (Japan International Standard) Standards
2. 7 QC tools, SPC, FMEA
3. Knowledge of the 8D Approach
4. Knows Customer Quality Requirements & IMS Regulation
5. Auditing Skill 
6. Knowledge of Product and Process Specifications
7. Knows Customer Inspection Standard
8. Time & Motion Study
9. Interpretation and analysis of customer requirements

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