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Accounting Assistant Manager non CPA or CPA ok

John Clements Recruitment Inc. Posted: 11 Days
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The current accounting manager is planning to retire in 1.5 to 2 years due to old age. 
Therefore, they are currently recruiting a successor. 
Upon joining the company, the new hire will assist the accounting manager in their duties, and after her retirement, will assume the role of manager. Knowledge in accounting, finance, tax, and extensive practical experience in accounting is required.

Job Responsibilities:

Accounting Support: Support the duties of the accounting manager, executing day-to-day accounting processes. This includes creating journal entries, processing invoices, and preparing accounting vouchers.

Management of Accounting Tasks: Use accounting systems and software to accurately manage accounting data and generate monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports.

Financial Analysis: Analyze the financial situation and create reports on the company's profitability and soundness. This involves preparing income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Tax Management: Understand tax regulations, comply with laws, prepare reports to BIR, and submit tax declaration documents.

Budgeting: Participate in the budgeting process, formulating and managing the company's budget. Comparisons with actual performance and explanations may be required.

Support for Financial Strategies: Collaborate with the management team to formulate and implement financial strategies and investment plans.

Audit Compliance: Respond to internal and external audits, providing necessary documents and information.

Experienced construction company (Strongly preferred)
At least 10 years of work experience as an accountant
Can work on-site
Can commute to Makati

The candidates they are seeking are individuals aged 35 and above who have worked in the construction industry in an accounting role.
The crucial criterion is practical skills rather than being a CPA.


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