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Interior Designer (Kitchen & Cabinet Design)

John Clements Recruitment Inc. Posted: 2 Month
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1. Determine the need, size, and cost of a product; anticipate production issues; develop alternatives; evaluate options; and implement solutions.
2. Produce concepts that are innovative, feasible, and suitable for manufacturing or production. 
3. Create technical specifications and user guides for mass or batch production.

※ The number of experiences the creating the layout is the most imprtant

Basic workflow:
1. Consult managers and clients about design requirements.
2. Clarify and solve design issues.
3. Research users’ needs.
4. Investigate appropriate materials and production processes.
5. Produce sketches, sample designs, and prototypes.
6. Test product designs using specialist computer software and computer-aided design (CAD) technology.
7. Help to further refine workflow processes to enhance the product development process.
8. Submit proposals and designs for evaluation by the project team and management before moving to the next stage.
9. Support cost reduction while maintaining design intent and user experience.
10. Maintain an awareness of current design trends and influences.
11. Liaising with production, sales, and marketing departments.
12. Correct product faults.
13. Present designs, samples, and final work to clients for evaluation.

1. Proposal ability and calculation ability(based on theory)
2. Salary range: 50K~100K (if the candidate has Design skills + proposal ability)
3. Female: humble, bright, tender atmosphere (validated during the interview)
4. The candidate is from a Kitchen contractor/design consulting company(Hotel Kitchen project, etc. )

Office 365
Experience in creating the layout for Kitchen for more than 3 years
More than 10 years in…..
Experience wide range of work (Experience in a small company)
AutoCAD、Sketchup、Adobe Photoshop etc.
Has experience preferential treatment working at a Japanese /foreign-affiliated company in the Philippines
A person who can proactively ask questions and solve problems.
Attention to detail and ability to produce accurate, detailed drawings and specifications.

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