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Foodabox Dot Com Sdn Bhd

Internship - Production Executive

Foodabox Dot Com Sdn Bhd Posted: 19 Days
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Internship - Production Executive allowance: RM 700 

Work description: 

  1. Assess project requirements.
  2. Develop, monitor and supervise manufacturing processes.
  3. Measure the performance of mechanical components, devices and engines, to ensure all in a good condition. 
  4. Produce and implement designs and test procedures.
  5. Test, evaluate, modify and re-test the products.
  6. Resolve system malfunctions, and provide technical information to related individuals.
  7. Assure system and product quality.
  8. Write reports and documentation.
  9. Analyze and interpreting data.
  10. Ad-hoc tasks related to the production. 

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