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Orlin Academy Sdn Bhd

Special Education Needs Teacher

Orlin Academy Sdn Bhd Posted: 2 Month
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1. Conduct class with creativity and follow guideline highlighted by the company.

2. Assess children who have long or short term learning difficulties and work with colleagues to identify individual pupils' special needs.

3. Plan individual Education Plan for termly, weekly and daily.

4. Prepare report for each student development.

5. Conduct curriculum activities in class.

6. Attend seminar/in-house training/courses directed by the company.

7. Perform tasks directed by the company.

Special Education Teacher Requirements:

* A bachelor's degree in education/ special education/psychology.

* Previous experience working with special needs students will be advantageous.

* Knowledge of teaching practices for students with special needs.

* Specialization in Special Education would be advantageous.

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