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Benedict Carl Manpower Consulting Inc.


Benedict Carl Manpower Consulting Inc. Posted: 23 Month
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Job description


  • Works on all the technical tasks assigned to him/her, which includes but may not be limited, to the following: Testing, Commissioning, Installation, Acceptance of projects
  • Surveys the site assignments before the proceedings of the actual project
  • Assists/Prepares all kinds of documents and reports related pre-deployment and post- deployment, which may include but not limited to the following: Technical Site Survey Reports, Broadcast reports, As-built plans, Floor Plan Layout, Work permits and passes, and Bill of quantity.
  • Makes budget requests based on the needs of the site and as coordinated with the client
  • Coordinates all updates and changes that is happening on the site to the Level II Engineer
  • Documents all the work done on site
  • Identification of the tools and equipment needed to work on the site


  • Graduate of Electrical Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Having a PRC License is an advantage
  • With at least two years working experience in either of the following are highly preferred:

a. Projects involving DC power products (i.e. lithium ion batteries, rectifiers, fuel cell technology)

b. Working in company which is a contractor of a Telco company

c. With work experience in projects involving Wireless Technologies are highly


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