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AI Model Training: Seeking Coding/Programming Expe

Appen Butler Hill Inc Posted: 10 Month Work From Home
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We’re seeking people with proficiency in a Programming/ Coding language, good writing skills, and an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to join our community of AI Model Trainers. 


Appen's community of experts and workers helps create and improve AI-generated content, applying their subject-matter expertise and writing ability to help influence and refine large language models (LLM). LLMs are the fast-developing technology underpinning new Generative AI products like ChatGPT and our work is a key input to making AI models more effective and safer for users. 


* We have a paid project opening now requiring 10-15 hours of work, so don't hesitate! Apply now and dive into the exciting world of AI model training.


To know more about the project and to apply, visit the link provided: 


This opportunity will suit: 

People seeking a gig-based opportunity to earn additional income while gaining hands-on experience in AI: 

· Subject matter experts, researchers, and academics who want to learn and contribute to AI development 

· Students currently studying a Programming/ Coding focused degree 

· Teachers & tutors with hands-on experience teaching Programming/ Coding subjects 

· Lifelong learners interested in exploring opportunities in AI 


Easy to apply: 

1. Register [5 minutes]: Click Apply and complete the application form. 

2. Guidelines Quiz [15 minutes]: Take the Guidelines Quiz - a link will be sent to you by email once you submit your application. 

3. Calibration task [60 minutes]: If you pass the Guidelines Quiz, you’ll immediately receive an email with a link to a paid calibration task related to your Programming/ Coding expertise. 

4. Start working: With a successful calibration, you’ll receive an email with a link to join the project as an AI Model Trainer for Programming/ Coding subjects and can start working immediately.

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