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Quality Control Executive

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1. The quality officer should systematically master the inspection methods and standards on which the inspection is based and understand the inspection process.

2. Strictly in accordance with the relevant quality standards, management procedures and inspection operation procedures to inspect, record, calculate or determine be responsible for the correctness and standardization of inspection operations for the accuracy and reliability of inspection data and for the authenticity and reliability of inspection records, normative responsibility.

3. Make all preparations for the inspection (including instruments, equipment, reagents, reference medicinal materials, reference substances, samples, etc., and ensure that the inspection requirements are met.

4. The management of the precision and valuable instruments used shall be strengthened and the inspection shall be carried out frequently. It is necessary to be familiar with the functions, characteristics and operation methods of relevant instruments and equipment in the laboratory to have the knowledge of maintenance and maintenance, and to be able to carry out simple repairs. Those who damage the instruments due to violation of the operating procedures should be dealt with as appropriate.

5. Comply with the laboratory system, go to and from get off work on time, stick to the post when working and cooperate with the supervisor to strengthen the safety management of the laboratory.

6. Laboratory personnel should clean and maintain the environmental hygiene of the laboratory frequently and the instruments and utensils used should be washed and wiped frequently, so that the windows are clear and the countertops are clean and orderly, with clear signs and easy to use.

7. Strengthen the management of equipment and equipment and ensure that accounts, cards and items are consistent. If there is damage or loss, it must be reported to the supervisor for research and treatment. Instruments, equipment, and expired medicines that have exceeded the prescribed service life and are seriously damaged beyond repair shall be reported to the laboratory uniformly, and shall be properly disposed of after approval.

8. In the spirit of saving, the quality personnel should strictly control the amount of various reagents used in the experiment and should not be wasted arbitrarily. Damaged instruments will be dealt with as appropriate.

9. For the commonly used instruments, utensils, reagents, etc., the quality officer should ask the quality supervisor for instructions. After the quality supervisor agrees, they will receive it in the warehouse and fill in the outgoing record. No one is allowed to transfer any items in the laboratory to others. The borrowing of instruments and medicines from other departments of the company must be approved by the supervisor and then go through the borrowing procedures. Borrowing from foreign units and individuals must be approved by the leader in charge before going through the borrowing procedures.

10. Strengthen work to ensure personal safety and prevent dangerous accidents such as electric shock, poisoning, and explosion. After get off work, carefully check whether the doors, windows, water and electricity of each laboratory are closed. If there are unsafe factors, report them in time. Unified designated place, timely destruction and disposal.

11. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

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