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John Clements Recruitment Inc.

Technical sales staff

John Clements Consulting Inc. Posted: 13 Month
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Job Description
Products: Mechanical equipment for factory automation (FA)
Target: Manufacturing companies mainly in Calabarzon
Customers: Existing 30% new 70%.
1. Approach clients
2. Estimate cost and price
3. Delivery control together with logistic companies
4. Acceptance

Experience as a Sales in manufacturing related                    
Experience at a Japanese company                    
Not job hopper                                        
Bright personality                                        

John Clements Consultants, the pioneer in Executive Search since 1974, has played a significant role in transforming thousands of Filipino and other Southeast Asian professionals into extraordinary leaders.

Forty-seven years later, John Clements continues to offer superior services that included recruitment (from non-managerial to C-level positions), large scale staffing, RPO, outsourced staffing, overseas recruitment, leadership development training with digital learning platforms, 360-degree assessment and coaching all specially designed for our partners’ needs. Keeping ahead of the game in digitalization, we also invested in AI and Data Science.

Working with CrossKnowledge, a global leader in digital learning solutions, and Zenger Folkman, enables John Clements to offer world-class talent development programs that elevate the leadership capabilities of professionals, transforming them into extraordinary leaders of change. Our “deep purpose” as a company is to build our country, uplift the lives of Filipinos, and develop successful leaders.

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