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Marketing Manager

Steam Box Corporation Posted: 24 Month
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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • developing marketing strategies for the company.
  • organizing and coordinating promotional events.
  • leading a team of marketing associates.
  • reviewing current marketing campaigns for strengths and weaknesses.
  • can develop solutions within budget constraints.
  • analyzing the effectiveness of promotions to determine what drives sales.
  • partnering with product development and buying teams to estimate product demand.
  • brainstorming fresh advertising ideas with marketing associates as well asother departments.

Skills and Qualifications:

A Marketing Manager should be skilled in a variety of advertising methods, including digital, print, and social media.

  • knowledge of marketing-related business practices, including advertising, market research, technology, and budgeting.
  • proficient with marketing-related software programs.
  • demonstrateed history of planning successful product launches and events. -Effective communicaion skills and adaptable communication style.
  • time management and organization skills.
  • execute both large and small marketing projects and initiatives.
  • leadership skills to motivate team members and manage conflicts/situations. -Analytical problem-solving skills for coming up with ideas.

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