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Zest Group Marketing Posted: 8 Month
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At Zest Group Marketing, we firmly believe that growth and achievement extend beyond one's comfort zone. We are currently looking for a Junior Business Ambassador who shares our enthusiasm for pushing boundaries, exploring fresh opportunities, and fostering innovation within the sales and marketing arena.


The character we seek:

1. Proficiency in both Bahasa and English.

2. Adaptability and a willingness to step outside of their comfort zone.

3. A strong aspiration for professional growth in sales and marketing.

4. A positive attitude and outstanding communication skills.

5. A keenness to collaborate and function effectively within a team.


What you must to do is

1. Representing the client's products or services.

2. Participating in training sessions and sales meetings to refine your skills.

3. Cultivating leadership skills, either personally or within your team.

4. Enhancing your leadership abilities, whether for yourself or your team.

5. Acquiring territory planning expertise.


You benefit from: 

1. A comprehensive training program to enhance your marketing and sales skills.

2. Access to one-on-one personal training sessions.

3. A welcoming and inclusive work environment.

4. Opportunities for career advancement within our organization.

5. The chance to embark on road trips across Malaysia for new experiences.


If you're eager to break free from your comfort zone and contribute to the world of sales and marketing, and if you're prepared to elevate your sales and marketing career, apply today and join us on our journey to embrace new horizons. Thank you.

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