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LTT SMARTCHART CONSULTING INC. Posted: 24 Month Work From Home
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The General Manager's role has the below aspects:


• Accountable for assisting the Regional CEO with operational management of the business 


o ensuring the cost POs are loaded so that the real time P&L is up to date 

o ensuring regional CEO authorizes any additions to the country / region budget

o Checking monthly payroll against payroll budget

o Checking monthly commissions against commission budget 

o Checking monthly supplier invoices against supplier budget 

o Sign off staff expenses. 

o Liaise with staff regarding any commission or sale allocation dispute.

o Liaise with Company Risk Manager on prop account and impact to P&L

Marketing and Sales Operations:

• Responsibility for assisting regional CEO and marketing to plan and implement events / webinars with consideration to the customer journey:

o Online ‘EVENT’ planning and management (in conjunction with marketing team)

o Go to webinar

o Staffing

o Customer journey emails 

o Zoom accounts 


o Ensuring program planned 3 months in advance 

o Ensuring program sent to advanced clients via UW coordinator and 

o CS processes for assisting clients with these events 

Client Services: 

• Work with your EMEA counterpart to manage the project to amalgamate LTT and SC client services / support under Empower U

• Manage department is responding to client queries in a timely and professional manner 

o Create templates/ train team in how to deal with various scenarios 

• Ensure the Cancellation saves process is working with Credit Control team 

• Tracking cancellations reporting on number of Frontend and backend cancellations received each month 

• Handle all escalated complaints and refund requests. 

• Manage team towards pre-course set up targets.

• Create and monitor all client services communication so that it is up to date and accurate.

IT and Development: 

• Work with IT on infrastructure projects and ensuring systems are efficient, well maintained, secure and frequently audited. 

• Work with key development teams on the development of new systems to improve business operations including payment systems


• Liaise with HR Manager on HR matters 

• Management of staff holiday system via salesforce


• Collaborate with Compliance department to ensure business operations are compliant 

• Responsibility for ensuring Company’s data is protected compliance


• Collaboration with Company’s advisers and management of Client FOS / Legal claims / supplier claims / employment tribunals 


• Spot check data to ensure management information is being reported correctly 

• Review daily, weekly and monthly company reports. Flagging and reacting to low numbers in any reports. 

• Identify key opportunities where the business is lacking or can improve upon.

• Proactively report to regional CEO any areas of concern.

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