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FULLTIME - Junior Marketing Buzz

Zest Group Marketing Posted: 8 Month
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Zest Group Marketing is the firm engaged in conducting face-to-face marketing on behalf of our clients. Our primary mission is to provide training for aspiring Junior Marketing Buzz, helping them develop their communication, sales, marketing, management, and recruitment skills. We are on the lookout for individuals who possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge and skill enhancement, exude enthusiasm in their pursuits, maintain a student-like mentality, and excel in communication.


Personality we seek:

1. Always eager to acquire new knowledge and experiences.

2. Perpetually enthusiastic and highly focused.

3. Uphold strong work ethics.

4. Embrace a learner's mindset, guided by mentorship and eager to apply lessons learned.

5. Collaborate effectively within a team.


Your Responsibility:

1. Gaining proficiency in marketing our clients' products and services.

2. Engaging in learning sessions designed to enhance your communication and leadership skills.

3. Aspiring to become a leader, either for your own team or as a leader within the organization.

4. Developing the ability to plan territory strategies effectively.

5. Acquiring the skills to train Brand Ambassadors.


Perks you gain:

1. Attainment of crucial skills for personal and professional growth.

2. Attractive bonuses and incentives on a quarterly basis.

3. Enjoyment of fun team events.

4. Exciting road trips across Malaysia to broaden your experiences.

5. The opportunity to establish your own company in the future.


If you align with the qualities we seek, don't hesitate to click "APPLY NOW!" Secure the spot that's meant for you; others should not take it from you. Thank you, and stay safe!

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