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Nowadays, every time a graduate wants to get a job, companies want their employees to have at least two years of work experience. Are you one of those graduates?! Do you want to avoid such incidents?! If so, we at Zest Group Marketing give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in our company. If there is no experience do not worry training is given in full.


The personality we want:

1. Minimum SPM/STPM

2. Someone who wants to gain knowledge in terms of Sales, Marketing, Training and wants to improve themselves.

 3. Can work in a team.

4. Enthusiastic in doing something like Sales and Recruitment.

5. Good communication skills.


What you should do:

1. Learn to market the client's products and services.

2. Follow and learn the sessions conducted to improve oneself in terms of communication and leadership.

3. Learn to be a leader or leader of your own team.

4. Learn to plan regional planning.

5. Learn how to train Brand Ambassadors.


The benefits you will enjoy:

1. Skill training is provided without limitation.

2. Attractive bonuses and incentives for every quarter.

3. Going on roadtrips throughout Malaysia to gain new experiences.

4. Skill certificates are given for free.

5. Personal trainers are provided on a one-on-one basis.


If you want to get and gain the skills in our company, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, click Apply now!

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