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MARINA SALES, INC Posted: 15 Month
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Job Description

1. Sales, distribution and merchandising objectives

2. Marketing efforts requiring sales supervision and/or implementation

3. Provide the desired level of customer servicing

4. Promote Trade Goodwill

  • Ensure acceptance and understanding of the need to develop a more cooperative working relationship with the trade.
  • Ensure that the conduct of business is fair and honest by applying the company’s policies equally to all customers without exception.
  • To attend to all customer complaints promptly
  • To maintain a good company reputation

5. Implement Properly all Field Operating Procedures

  • Understand, accepts and appreciates the need for all field operating procedures.
  • Ensures that all are procedures are proper implemented and adhered upon.
  • Feedback and inputs are regularly provided to field sales management to revise or add to existing field procedures resulting in better compliance and more efficient and cost effective field operations.

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