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Research and Development Specilist

Serve Your Needs Economically Inc Posted: 12 Month
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Research and Development Specialist

  • Provide product development and technical support/analysis for new and
  • existing ingredients. Plans to develop and conceptualize quality and competitive products for SYNE, Inc.
  • Assess and implement process improvements in order to increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Provide/Request raw material specifications and other necessary documentation for traded items, raw materials and finished products.
  • Manage product cutting, sensory evaluation, and reformulation of current products.
  • Manage continuous improvement, drives results and assist in problem-solving/root cause investigations of production problems.
  • Trains new and current team members of R&D. Assists and handles in-product innovation cycle, material evaluation, recipe validation, technical documentation, and store process optimization projects.
  • Design and conduct sensory evaluation techniques
  • Performs laboratory experiments to convert lab scale/product prototypes to large-scale production with cost-effective and efficient process
  • Conducts research and development for product continuous improvement in terms of quality and cost-effective formulation
  • Performs outsourcing of suppliers for raw and packaging materials for newly developed and existing products
  • Performs an effective evaluation for alternative/ substitute materials and ingredients as needed
  • Conducts food costing, shelf-life study and quality analysis of newly developed/improved products
  • Conducts and assists in product shoot as needed
  • Conducts and assists in line troubleshooting, product and process review, aswell as product evaluation on per need basis
  • Conducts continuous product quality and profitability improvement for the existing product whenever necessary Maintain daily R&D records, forms, and documentation
  • Responsible for the retention of the controlled formulation and even the laboratory samples and trials
  • Reports problems or concerns, issues that may affect the quality of the product and efficiency of the product development to a senior officer or immediate superior immediately.

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