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Learning and Development Officer

Multiplast Corp Posted: 23 Month
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Job Summary

Responsible for identifying staff training and development needs, and for planning, organising and overseeing appropriate training. Responsible for providing trained employees to different departments that requires them. Responsible in preparing for recommended Annual Training Plan and implement when approved. The Learning and Development Officer shall assist the HR Manager in the preparation and implementation of the E-Learning programs for the company.

Qualifications/    Education

- Bachelor’s Degree Graduate of any course

- Minimum two (2) to three (3) years of working experience in Manufacturing Industry or any Training- related job

- Computer literacy and keyboard skills

- Effective communication skills

- Formal training qualification is desirable

-  Good knowledge of the application software, additional modules and development software

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Assists HRAD Manager in formulating Annual Training Plan that includes:

    a. Training needs survey

    b. Training proposal from outsourced consultants

    c. Training objectives and topics

    d. List of possible participants

    e. Venue (if necessary)

    f. Training budget

2  Assists HRAD Manager in preparing and implementing for E-Learning programs, that includes:

    a. Script preparation

    b. Photo Shoots

    c. Story board creation

3. Actual video-based learning modules.

4. Implement the Training Plan and make necessary evaluation produces to ensure effectiveness of the conducted programs.

5. Echo in-house trainings to direct hired employees.

6. Prepares monthly reports related to status of plan vs. Actual training conducted.

7. Gives instructions, assists and spearheads the 3P Supervisors in training their respective OJTs with production machines.

8. Motivates, assists, guides, and counsels 3P Supervisors regarding work-related problem of their 3P employees.

9. Assists in implementing company rules and regulations.

10. Assists in reviewing in Performance Evaluation of 3P employees to give aid to the training of their people.

11. Attends monthly manpower evaluation review.

12. Assists in the preparation of Job Description of 3P employees for Department Head to discuss and disseminate to newly hired 3P employees.

13. Performs assigned special tasks from time to time.

14. Provide high quality professional training courses and materials.

15. Ensure that all members of staff, new and existing, within the department and external to, are trained on the application to an appropriate level.

16. Ensure that training requirements are adequately specified and documented.

17. To establish the effectiveness of training and acquire feedback on the courses needed for future planning/management information.

18. Develop and maintain training material

19. Maintain training material in line with changes and too ensure that training materials are appropriate to client’s requirements, and design training materials that reflect company developments.

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