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John Clements Recruitment Inc.

HR Manager for a manufacturing plant

John Clements Consulting Inc. Posted: 11 Month
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Job Summary:
Performs overall planning and control for the HR/Administration Department in relation to
personnel affairs, general affairs, compliance, HRIS system operations, and management,
legal affairs and other related activities.
Job Functions:
1. Plans and controls on matters concerning Human Resources activities such as
workplace planning, recruitment, and selection. performance management, training and
development, compensation and benefits administration, labor relations, and social
2. Oversees the general administration and recommends actions on:
a. Matters concerning responsive measures against environmental regulations;
b. Matters concerning vehicle management;
c. Matters concerning acceptance and transmission of Requests for Approval (Authority
to Do Business);
d. Matters concerning ceremonies and events;
4. Coordinates with Legal advisers on matters concerning legal affairs such as:
a. Legal counseling matters
b. Matters concerning examination and management of various contract agreements, etc.
c. Matters concerning business registrations.
d. Matters concerning various procedures for legal disputes as well as investigation and
research of laws and ordinances.
e. Matters concerning renewal procedures for registered industrial property rights.
f. Matters concerning the management of various regulations.
5. Manages matter concerning personnel affairs such as:
a. Matters concerning drafting / proposal of recruitment plan and actual recruitment
b. Matters concerning drafting / proposal and enforcement of company-wide personnel
disposition and transfer
c. Matters concerning appointment and dismissal, leave of absence, reinstatement,
promotion, and rewards and disciplinary actions of employees
d. Matters concerning planning, drafting/proposal, and enforcement of various
measures for the purpose of personnel strategies and manpower activation
e. Matters concerning the implementation of personnel evaluation as well as maintenance
and safekeeping of personnel records (including registration of various qualifications of
f. Matters concerning planning, drafting/proposal, and enforcement of various
personnel-related systems.
g. Negotiations, conclusion,s and change in important labor contract agreements.
h. Matters concerning seminars, training, and employee education.
i. Establishing KPIs of members and ensuring alignment to Performance Evaluation.
j. Coordination with the service provider of HRIS system maintenance and
7. Recommends actions on matters concerning salary and various benefits
a. Matters concerning the system, determination of standards, and payments of salary,
bonus, retirement pension, allowances, condolence, and other benefits
b. Matters concerning group life insurance
c. Matters concerning benefits
d. Matters concerning work management of employees such as employee services and
maintenance of discipline
e. Matters concerning official announcement and notification of personnel appointments
f. Matters concerning the issuance of various certificates related to personnel affairs
8. Ensures compliance on matters concerning:
a. Matters concerning local development, planning, and drafting/proposal of parent
company compliance system
b. Matters concerning the compliance committee’s secretariat
c. Matters concerning preparation, enforcement, management, and review of local
versions for code of conduct
d. Matters concerning responsive measures and management of the hotline
e. Matters concerning compliance education of employees
10. Performs other related functions that may be assigned by the immediate superior from time to time

 Must be a graduate of BS Human Resource Management, BS Business Administration, BS Psychology, BS Social Science, or any related field required.
At least five (5) years of working experience as a Human Resource Manager.
Must have knowledge and background in terms of Motivation Theory, Organizational Development principles, and Change Management.
Knowledgeable in all facets of HR and HRIS.
Demonstrable experience with Human Resources metrics, Performance Management, Training & Development, and KPIs.
Well-versed in Philippine Labor Code.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Excellent communication skills.

Graduate of BS Psychology or Management courses;
Computer literate in MS Word, Excel, or Powerpoint; 
Excellent communication and leadership skills.
Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, and conflict-resolution skills.
Ability to prioritize tasks and delegate them when appropriate

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