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John Clements Recruitment Inc.

Web Application Engineer Cebu WFH

John Clements Recruitment Inc. Posted: 9 Month
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The personality of hiring is listed below for your reference:

1. It does not necessarily use new technology all the time, so if the candidates apply just because they want to improve their technical skills, it will lead to dissatisfaction in the future.

2. User-oriented and business-oriented

3. Adaptable to the market

6-8 years <Middle to senior level>

The candidate has abundant Java experience

Minimum Academic: University

Age Range: 25~42

Hybrid work (3 times on site/week) @ Cebu office

Working hours: 9:00-18:00

Recruitment Process: approximate total 2 weeks

STEP 1 (Lead time: 3 Days)

First Interview

Company Profile

Products & Services

Technology Stack

Sansan Engineering's Way of Working

STEP2 (Lead Time: 5-7 Days)

Coding Examination

Test of Logic

Note: Not entirely the basis for hiring decisions (logical thinking and analogical)

Second Interview

Culture Fitting, Technical, and Soft/Business Skills

STEP3 (Lead Time: 2 Days)

Final Interview

Technical (covers coding exam results) and Soft/Business Skills

Note: The important point that the president will check is as follows;

1. Whether the candidate understands why you are doing the work (business)

2. Communication skills

3. How to answer when asked about something he/she doesn't know (Whether say it honestly and positively)

※Use the new ATS system for endorsing candidates

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