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Appen Posted: 14 Month Work From Home
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Social Media Evaluation Project 


Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human-annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Appen brings 25 years of experience capturing and enriching a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image, and video. With deep expertise in more than 180 languages and access to a global crowd of over 1 million skilled contractors. 


The Role: Social Media Evaluator 


Project Purpose: 

To identify relevant and high-quality ads for search queries. For each ad to be rated, raters will see a search query containing the terms used to search and a sponsored post. This sponsored post includes the name of the advertiser, visuals such as images or videos, and text commentary. Then, based on the content, raters will rate the ad for relevance if there is no defined product intent.  


  • Flexible Hours, with the potential to work above 20-hour requirement based on project needs 
  • Long-term term project commitment 


Project Requirements: 

  • Must work 20 hours per week.   
  • An active Facebook account with at least 25 friends. 
  • At least 5 years of a country residence. 
  • A College education is required. 



Interested? Click the link below and choose your country of residence to complete a short registration form.





For new users, here’s a guide on how to create a profile in Appen Connect: number)How-do-I-create-a-profile-in-Appen-Connect-VIDEO 


Important Note: Once you complete the registration process, you will be able to receive feedback via email or direct through the Appen Connect platform. If you are interested in also applying for other projects, make sure that you complete your profile so you can unlock more projects for your account there are always new and exciting projects being added, so visit our page often. 


Don’t miss the chance to earn extra income and to be part of a rapidly growing global team for the world’s top Internet search engine companies! 



Need more information about the work within Appen? Take a look at FAQ. 


Thank you and we hope to work with you soon! 



"A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds." 

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