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Quality Analyst

BlackCoders Group Inc. Posted: 21 Month
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POSITION TITLE:  Quality Analyst
Blackcoders Group Inc.,
Pasig City

1.    Candidate must posses at least Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
2.   with at least six (6) months experience in accounting field.
3.    Excellent in written and oral communication skills
4.    Team player, results oriented and highly motivated.
5.    Strong attention to Details and Organized
6.    Ability to Diagnose and Solve a Problem
7.    Good presentation and reporting skills. 

1.    Planning and Requirement Analysis
a.    Identifying and ensuring problems, determine and identify the scope of the system, system feasibility analysis, system proposals, and monitoring mechanisms built from the beginning.
b.    Develop and execute test plans to ensure that all objectives are met.
c.    analyzes each user's requirements, types of systems used, system criteria, system security, systems backup, integration rules and initial system design.
d.    A requirement for software development, the goal is to take all the details of the project including the requirements and scope of work such as BRD (Business Requirement Documentation).
e.    Ability to meet approved deadline.

2.    Design
a.    Prepare data diagrams, data dictionaries, structure diagrams, and class specifications such as SRS (System Requirement Specification) and UIS (User Interface Specification)
b.    Compile and analyze statistical data. 
c.    Decides how the system operates in a hardware and software

3.    Testing    
a.    System-testing scenario, monitoring system in the testing stages, and records any findings obtained in the testing phase and reports the documentation to follow-up.
b.    Ensure that user expectations are met during the testing process. (Test Plan, Test Scenario, Test Case)
c.    Ensure Requirements Traceability Matrix and bug report

4.    Training and User Acceptance Test
a.    Usage of the software by people from the intended audience and recording and correcting of any defects which are discovered
b.    Draft quality assurance policies and procedures.

5.    Maintenance
a.    Technical assistance during the application run, the database backup process, and fix any errors or bugs found during the application run.
b.    Investigate customer complaints and product issues.
c.    Ensure ongoing compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements.

6.    Other Duties 
a.    Ensure Timely preparation and submission of production report. 
b.    The extent to which the employee performs other tasks as maybe assigned by the Immediate Head.

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