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Strategic Networks Inc

QA/Test Manager

Strategic Networks Inc Posted: 24 Month
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  • prepare test strategy applying industry-accepted practices;
  • set metrics to measure the quality of delivery;
  • plan and control the testing process: define the task lists for subordinates, schedule testing activities, calculate the testing budget, estimate test efforts;
  • keep track of each tester’s performance: checking what kind of defects he or she is able to uncover and where there’s a tendency to miss out on bugs;
  • pick candidates for QA positions and supervise them afterward;
  • represent QA team at cross-department meetings and update the customer on the progress of testing activities.

Skills Qualification:

  • experience in automation testing to define which cases will benefit from this approach and where it’s better to test without spending time on automating;
  • wide knowledge of testing approaches;
  • profound understanding of the business area and the client’s requirements to determine a test strategy, test goals, and objectives;
  • good project planning, task, and people coordination.

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