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Strategic Networks Inc.

Master Data Management Lead

Strategic Networks Inc. Posted: 25 Month
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Job Description
• Define the project’s over-all master data scope, goals and deliverables together with the X-Bundle Project Manager.
• Develop the over-all master data CPS and associated communication plan. 
• Centralize defect management for master data in the project and take/follows-up on corrective actions to close master data defects.
• Effectively communicates with the other project managers, team members and stakeholders about status of the MD data work packages. 
• Handles project facing communication for Master data status 
• Drives alignment on master data maintenance approach and confirms necessary MD project team is in place to deliver.
• Coordinates tracks and follows up for execution of the project’s master data deliverables.
• Tracks and manages the over-all master data CPS. 
• Confirm assigned MD delivery project team members are enabled and energized to deliver the master data work packages.
• Execute corrective actions when project is out of tolerance due to master data (exception management).
• Participates to project post mortems (lessons learned and best practices) and helps the X-Bundle Project Manager in identifying the Master Data successful and unsuccessful deliverables.
• Raise capability issues of KU with PM based from data gathering sessions (if needed).

Minimum Requirements
• 3-5years work related experience
• Relevant industry qualification where applicable. 
• Knowledge and Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills in language to be supported.

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