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TRG Corporation

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TRG Corporation Posted: 21 Month
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TRG specializes in Interiors and Architecture Design is looking for an additional team member for CDO office.

– Information Technology or related field
– Must have at least 1-2 years of experienced
– Must have a good communication skill, command on both oral and written English

– Basically knows how to build a PC from given specs.
– Basic knowledge of  user interface (Autodesk and Sketchup installation and repair)
– Identify computer or network equipment shortages and place orders
– Maintain records/logs of repairs and fixes and maintenance schedule.
– Perform troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve problems (repair or replace parts, debugging etc.)
– Ensure security and privacy of networks and computer systems.
– Check computer hardware (HDD, mouses, keyboards etc.) to ensure functionality
– Set up workstations with computers and necessary peripheral devices (routers, printers etc.)
– Maintains track record of computer inventory (date of purchase, specs, ect)
– Transfer files to synology
– Server maintenance (set-up, security, syncing, etc.)
– Follow up internet provider concerns
– Keeper of software 
– Software registration
– LAN network setup, recommendations, security and troubleshooting
– CCTV records and filing
– Printer Maintenance coordinate with supplier for services

Interested applicants may submit their updated resume to Sign Up

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