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SolidLeisure Solutions Inc.

HTML5 Game Developer

SolidLeisure Solutions Inc. Posted: 25 Month
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1. Familiar with JavaScript and TypeScript language, master the most basic principles of JavaScript.
2. Use TypeScript coding for at least half a year.
3. Familiar with Egret or LayaAir game engine, must have more than 1 medium and large game development case.
4. Familiar with engine custom controls, including upper-level UI controls and lower-level self-drawing controls.
5. Familiar with and use common animations such as frame animation, attribute animation, Spine animation, and keel animation.
6. Familiar with HTTP, WebSocket, TCP protocol, and the packet and unpack of protocol data stream.
7. Ability to independently build and develop complete medium and large complex H5 applications and games.
8. Familiar with software development design patterns.
9. Understand H5 Dom API.

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