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SolidLeisure Solutions Inc.

C++ Audio and Video Developer Engineer

SolidLeisure Solutions Inc. Posted: 24 Month
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1. Proficient in C++ and have 3 years or more of Linux platform live broadcast and on-demand server development experience.
2. Proficient in RTMP, RTSP, HTTP-FLV and other streaming media network transmission protocols.
3. Proficient in audio and video coding and decoding technology.
4. Familiar with streaming media transcoding and packaging process.
5. Familiar with common streaming media packaging formats, MP4, FLV, TS, etc.
6. Proficient in network programming.
7. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit

1. Participate in the server development of live video and on-demand services.
2. Participate in the optimization of the media server architecture.
3. According to the assignment of tasks, complete the corresponding code writing and document writing.

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