Philippines landscape
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Creation Tomorrow Phils. Corp Posted: 26 Month
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  1. Creates 3D designs from 2D floor plans
  2. Imports 3D designs into rendering programs
  3. Add objects as necessary to complete the design or specifications
  4. Edit objects as necessary to fulfill the intent of the design
  5. Add maps and textures and manipulate same to achieve desired results
  6. Creates and direct and ambient lightning
  7. Creates camera views per clients' instructions or as per best practices
  8. Set up renderer settings and render camera views
  9. Exports rendered views to photoshop for further enhancement
  10. Records contemporaneous time keeping of all activities   
  11. Complete interim files for client as per schedule   
  12. Collaborates with team and client throughout the process   
  13. Maintains texture and map and objects files    
  14. Creates 2D and 3D object files. Ie: furniture, profiles   
  15. Creates clarification screenshots to be sent by the production administrator to the client.

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