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 IT Business Analyst

BlackCoders Group Inc. Posted: 13 Month
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POSITION TITLE:  IT Business Analyst
Blackcoders Group Inc.,
Pasig City

We are looking for candidates with expertise in both information technology and business administration for the role of IT Business Analyst. IT business analysts are responsible for enhancing the quality of IT products and services, analyzing data to inform business decisions, and finding technological solutions to business needs, among other duties.
The best IT business analysts have exceptional interpersonal skills as they need to act as a communication link between the IT and Executive branches.

IT Business Analyst Responsibilities:
1.    Liaising between the IT department and the executive branch.
2.    Acting as an information source and communicator between business branches.
3.    Understanding strategic business needs and plans for growth.
4.    Enhancing the quality of IT products and services.
5.    Analyzing the design of technical systems and business models.
6.    Utilizing IT data for business insights.
7.    Analyzing business needs.
8.    Sourcing and implementing new business technology.
9.    Finding technological solutions to business requirements.
10.    Producing reports on application development and implementation.
11.    Running A/B tests and analyzing data.
12.    Analyzing data to inform business decisions.

IT Business Analyst Requirements:
•    Degree in computer engineering, business administration, or related field.
•    4+ years in an IT management position.
•    6+ years in a technology-driven role.
•    Excellent problem-solving skills.
•    Analytical mindset.
•    Exceptional interpersonal skills.
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
•    Attention to detail.

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