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The Play Project Mahavidya Sdn Bhd Posted: 21 Month
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(Paediatric) Physiotherapist Job description for Ad

The Play Project Mahavidya Sdn Bhd is a rehabilitation centre for children In Seremban.We  are looking for an able and dedicated (paediatric) physical therapist to treat musculoskeletal problems and improve the mobility of infants, children, and adolescents facing various health conditions. Your main responsibility as a paediatric physical therapist will be to improve children's motor development, strength, range of motion, endurance, balance, coordination, gait difficulties, heart and lung endurance, and delayed motor development.

To be successful as a paediatric physical therapist, you should be able to work under stress and alleviate the frustrations of your patients and their families. You should be patient and physically fit.

(Paediatric) Physiotherapist Responsibilities:

  • Assess children and family members and using physical examinations to diagnose the source of children's movement difficulties.
  • Creating unique, individualized treatment plans that outline the treatment goals and methods to be used.
  • Helping children to learn to move their bodies correctly, make their movements less painful, increase the functions of injured body parts, and heal from injuries.
  • Assessing children and monitoring their progress.
  • Using techniques like functional training and exercise, diet changes, and specialized equipment that is designed to help children in their physical development.
  • Coordinating a child's care with other healthcare professionals in TPPM team.
  • Teaching children and their families about safety and home exercises.
  • Supervise and support Early Intervention Program and pre-vocational training group.
  • Deliver training.
  • Develop education activities to meet the learning needs of staff and students.
  • Communicate assessment results, therapy plans, goals and outcome measures to clients and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Communicate the intervention plans, outcome measures, progress and discharge criteria to clients and relevant stakeholders.
  • Conduct physical, psycho-social, discipline-specific, and impairment-based assessments to determine required therapeutic interventions.
  • Oversee the maintenance of clients' records.
  • Participate in continuous professional development activities.
  • Plan induction and clinical orientation for new team members.

Paediatric Physical Therapist Requirements:

  • A degree in Physiotherapy.
  • Love for children
  • Experience working with children is preferable
  • The ability to handle stress and pressure.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Attention to detail, patience, and empathy.
  • Manual dexterity and physical endurance to lift patients and heavy equipment.
  • Team Player





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