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occupational therapist

The Play Project Mahavidya Sdn Bhd Posted: 15 Month
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Overall Purpose of Job

Senior Occupational Therapist provides client care, treatment and education in collaboration with different healthcare teams.


Possessing extensive experience and expertise in an area of speciality, the individual performs detailed assessments and interventions for clients, training new or junior occupational therapists in these activities, supervises team members and monitors their caseloads.


The individual should work at times in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams with teachers, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and speech therapists. Displaying initiative and a sensitivity to the needs of clients, as well as having good management, leadership and problem-solving skills, is essential.


  • Assist in the development, promotion or marketing of new clinical services.
  • Co-lead quality improvement projects.
  • Communicate assessment results, therapy plans, goals and outcome measures to clients and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Communicate intervention plans, client statuses and discharge criteria to clients and stakeholders.
  • Conduct functional assessment to determine required therapy interventions.
  • Coordinate clinical attachment programmes for OT students.
  • Coordinate with relevant parties to support clients in achieving their treatment goals.
  • Deliver appropriate interventions to facilitate clients' occupational performance based on findings, goals and treatment plans.
  • Deliver community workshops to empower clients and parents.
  • Deliver training or in-service to colleagues.
  • Evaluate therapy progress and outcomes using selected therapy outcome measures at regular intervals.
  • Mentor support staff and therapists for professional development purposes.
  • Modify therapy plans.
  • Participate in research projects to contribute to evidence-based practice.
  • Participate in the development of clinical practice guidelines.
  • Plan induction and clinical orientation for new team members.
  • Select appropriate and specific outcome measures to enable evaluation of therapy progress and outcomes.
  • Teach techniques in the assessment and management of basic and complex cases.




·         Good command of spoken and written English & Bahasa Melayu

·         Good observation, theory and handling skills in pediatric occupational therapy.

·         Good interpersonal skills.

·         Strong organizational, planning and multi-tasking skills.

·         Being able to work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary team and management.

·         Able to work under pressure and demonstrate flexibility and openness to change.

·          Have a high empathy and ability to regulate emotions.

·         Able to conduct a fun and creative therapy session.

·         Being flexible yet determined to achieve intervention goals.

·         Stay updated on new developments and willing to develop her/his self in the professional field through reading, attend webinars, request management to attend relevant workshops and conduct and attend trainings within The Play Project Team.




·         Candidates must hold a degree in Occupational Therapy or an equivalent qualification

·         Diploma/ Degree in Occupational therapy

·         Candidates must have a minimum of 2 years of Occupational Therapy experience with special needs children.


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