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Human Resource & Executive Assistant

Inmed Corporation Posted: 23 Month
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  •  Provides secretarial and administrative support to the General Manager, Department Managers and VP Operations and Affiliates;
  •  Coordinates work with other department personnel and affiliates to ensure a high performance, customer service-oriented work environment
  • Receives telephone calls and e-mails, providing information and handling issues that may require sensitivity and independent judgment;
  • Arrange travels, meetings, booking transpirations, arranges lodging if necessary;
  • Handles and monitors all GM’s monthly dues;
  • Monitors the outgoing check and check for deposit of the GM;
  • Acts as liaison in coordinating matters between the General Manager’s Office and other Department Heads, Managers and Affiliates;
  • Prepares GM's monthly sales report for application of commission;
  • Sends e-mail of monthly sales report to the GM and VP-Operations.
  • Responsible to fax or email necessary documents to affiliates and clients;
  • Responsible to photocopy necessary documents in the absence  of the receptionist and janitor;
  • Monitors the GPS Report for overtime verification, Tour Guard Patrol for evening guard on duty and Tarkie Report for on field employees;
  • Monitors daily the Watson’s PO and other Watsons concern;
  • Handles and controls the office petty cash fund;
  • Performs other duties as assigned from time to time.


  •  Develops and implements company policies, guidelines and procedures;
  • Conducts hiring process to the applicants such as interview, examination and job orientation;
  • Orients new employees by providing Orientation Checklist form: 
    • Company policies, guidelines and procedures;
    • Payroll information;
    • Job description;
    • Company benefit programs;
    • Company mission and vision
  • Documents human resources actions by completing the forms and ensures the  completeness of employment requirements for newly-hired employees;
  • Conducts training needs analysis and establishes training plans and programs for employee's skill/knowledge enhancement;
  • Ensures compensation of employees are equitable and in accordance with the prevailing wage rate in the region;
  • Coordinates manpower request, issues and concerns with Manpower Agency;
  • Communicate with employees regarding their inquiries about salary, work problem, company rules, and other concerns.;
  • Communicates with other department heads/managers regarding regularization of staff and other important matters;
  • Monitors the SL/VL of employees and Medical Reimbursement;
  • Prepares and processes employees and attendance (timekeeping) and payroll;
  • Ensures that all employees schedule for salary deduction are properly deducted on time;
  • Ensures that disciplinary actions are strictly implemented with due process;
  • Ensures employees compensation/salary, company loan are given on time;
  • Ensures employees 201 file are updated  and properly maintained;
  • Ensures employees performance appraisal are regularly appraised;
  • Coordinates all changes of document control procedures and other related document with other department;
  • Prepares and monitors Employee's Company Loan and payment;
  • Generates necessary documents and reports requested by other Departments and Affiliates
  • Ensures controlled copies of latest approved document are distributed to appropriate departments;
  • Maintains updated records of all approved documents and their distribution in an orderly and timely manner in the designated filing cabinets;
  • Assists the QMR in updating the Quality Management System;;
  • Handles and monitors the Insurance of all the company vehicles and ensures that LTO registration are updated;
  • Acts as company event coordinator;
  • Prepares the RCA (Request for Cash Advance/Check Issuance) for company programs or related expenses and responsible for liquidation at all times;
  • Prepares Monthly Government Report and Remittance such SSS, HDMF and Philhealth;
  • Maintains and keeps classified information confidential;
  • Provide day to day HR function in relation to all HR, Employee Benefits, Training and Development and other administration for employees.
  • Provide an accurate, timely, and efficient payroll service to all employees, and compliance to government statutory reports.
  • Provides comprehensive support services to the General Manager and other executives that ensures a professional, responsive and effective experience with the organization as a whole.
  • Performs other duties as assigned from time to time.


  • Computer literate
  • Understanding and practical knowledge of employment law and employer best practice
  • Organized and methodical approach to administration and record keeping
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Skilled in evaluation and analyzing payroll activities and practice methods
  • Can work under pressure and manage deadlines without supervision


  • Female 
  • Degree in Human Resources/Behavioral Science
  • At least 2-3 years experience in a generalist HR environment, to include administration of Recruitment and training at all levels;
  • Experience supporting managers across the variety of departments at different levels in all aspects of HR and trainings.
  • Experience with HRIS, timekeeping system, payroll principles, practices, regulations and procedures
  • Willing to be assigned at Bagumbayan Quezon City
  • Monday to Saturdays work schedule

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