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Cost Controller

AF FASHION, INC. Posted: 24 Month
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Cost Controller is responsible for controlling the project costs; This includes planning, developing, controlling, and forecasting the project's budget. The goal of a Cost controller is to minimize the deviation from the budget and ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget. Identifying and reducing business expenses to increase profit.

Estimating and managing the cost to produce goods and services. The controller must estimate cost to help determine the price of production, the price to consumers and how much money the company can expect to make on any given product or service. This analysis includes pricing raw materials from vendors necessary to creation of the product, labor, any necessary transportation and equipment. 

The Cost Controller is in charge of managing purchasing and labor practices in order to keep costs within budget while maintaining the company's production schedule. You also build reports detailing raw material and labor costs to management along with a comparison of actual versus projected production costs. The Controller provides profit estimate reports on a regular basis. Develop and implement proactive solutions and cost-cutting measures Commit to maximizing efficiency at all levels without compromising on quality Remain acutely aware of market trends that could impact resource costs Keep up to date on new vendors and possible cost-cutting partnerships


  • BSBA Commerce Graduate/BS Accountancy or any related course
  • Preferably with 2years or more experience in related field
  • Willing to work onsite
  • With a pleasing personality and a good attitude
  • Flexible, aggressive and has a multi-tasking ability
  • Willing to assign at Kamuning Quezon City 

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