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Isetann Department Store, Inc.


Isetann Department Store, Inc. Posted: 13 Month
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Responsible for appraising all areas of operations other than financial and accounting and the adequacy and effectiveness of al operational internal control systems.


1.      Conducts inventory examination on selected merchandise and materials items.

2.      Conducts compliance audit on all general memoranda except those that are financial and accounting in nature.

3.      Conducts departmental audit on all area of operations other than financial and accounting.

4.      Reviews and analyzes internal records and procedures of the departments/sections in the company in terms of adequacy and effectiveness.

5.      Suggests/recommends ways on how work done in each audited department/section can be improved (i.e. made more effective)

6.      Prepares draft of audit programs/procedure.

7.      Assists the Audit Supervisor in the performance of audit examinations.

8.      Prepares reports on subject under examination for submission to the Audit Supervisor.

9.      Performs other functions that may be assigned from time to time.


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