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Valley International School

School Principal

Valley International School Posted: 27 Month
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  1. Foster professionalism, commitment and ethical conduct of operations inside the campus

  2. The Principal shall be responsible for interaction and fulfillment of all obligations of Central Board of Secondary Education from time-to-time

  3. To supervise and assist the admission functions of the school, including internal marketing, external outreach, social media campaigns leading to tangible results

  4. Actively engage with student groups proactively and understand their concerns, sort it out on a daily basis

  5. Actively engage with the staff groups to understand the student concerns and provide solutions on a regular basis

  6. Establish Annual Master Schedule in line with the CAIE/CBSE examination timelines and the internal examination timelines

  7. Plan, prepare, publish and implement the Principals weekly class observation schedules with observation parameters resulting in class room delivery excellence of teachers

  8. Secure co-operation and coordination amongst teachers of the same subject areas as well as inter subject coordination

  9. Be a contributing member along with other stakeholders during the planning phase of integration of NEET/JEE requirements in the mainstream CBSE will be a plus point.

  10. Ensure to meet the parents/guardians in appropriate forums and understand their concerns and feedback and work upon providing solutions to the concerns raised by the parents/guardians.

  11. Ensure to meet parents/guardians on prefixed appointment basis either if the parents/guardians want to meet and discuss with the principal or if the principal has to discuss about the academic progress and overall well being of the student in the school and beyond.

  12. Adhere to the code of conduct of VIS

  13. Identify and forecast the infrastructural requirements including classrooms, laboratories and other allied facilities well in advance to the management to plan for the same.

  14. Be a contributing member during the preparation of the Annual Events Calendar and offer suggestions/ inputs to the Events Coordinator to firm up the event dates well in advance.

  15. Periodically oversee the reporting of progress of the students to the parents through progress report cards in a format agreeable by CBSE / CAIE

  16. Documentation and Record Maintenance are as essential as any other responsibility of the Principal

Desired Candidate Profile

  1. Should be aware of CBSE affiliation bye laws

  2. Should have participated in affiliation processes and attained

  3. Preference for female candidates with experience

  4. A minimum of 5 years experience as Principal for a CBSE/ Cambridge affiliated School

  5. A flair and passion for facilitative and participative learning approach

  6. Willing to join us immediately

  7. Willing to work at Kuala Lumpur, Brickfield

  8. Immediate

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