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Remote Editor/Writer

Cardinal Educational Posted: 25 Month Work From Home
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Position: Full-time, salaried, exempt. This job will not be compatible with any other position. This job will take place on an alternate workweek, working weekends and reserving two days off during the week. 

Location: Remote (Work from Home) 

Number of Positions:

Compensation: We offer very competitive salary packages better than what international BPO companies are offering. The salary offer is dependent on work experience and editing skills in English.

We are seeking a creative, motivated Writing Specialist intimately familiar with essay writing, personal writing, and prompt-based narratives. Our Writing Specialist will work closely with our College Admissions Consulting Team to provide essay guidance for our students. 

By comprehensively editing students’ essays, the Writing Specialist ensures that the student is presenting themselves in the most introspective and reflective way. 

This position will require a high level of flexibility, creativity, and commitment during the college season (June to December) and will provide individuals with opportunities to be actively involved in all stages of essay drafting. As the college season starts in mid-June, the workload tends to fluctuate every month (September, October, and November tend to be our busiest months). This position is outstanding for long-term growth and can eventually lead to a long-term career. 

We require our editors to be available for at least 3 consecutive hours anytime between 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) for meetings and progress updates. The position requires editors to have about 5 - 7 additional hours available per day to complete assignments. This can be done when convenient for the editor as long as it is prior to the deadline. 

Upon hiring, the Writing Specialist will engage in a paid trial period up to one month prior to signing a full-time contract. The ideal Writing Specialist will have no other commitments and can dedicate their 100% to the position. 

If you are interested in helping bright young scholars fulfill their college potential, we would love for you to join our team as an expert Writing Specialist! 



● Able to commit to working with students full-time for at least one college season (e.g., from June 2021 to December 2021) 

● Able to work on potentially short notice 

● Must be available for a 3 hour period anytime from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time for virtual meetings and communication. The remote editor can specify the 3 hour period they are available. 

● Previous editing experience of at least 1 year is required 

● Currently enrolled in or graduated from a 4-year university 

● Knowledge and Skills 

Exceptional writing ability 

● Ability to work with a high level of flexibility and efficiency 

● Highly process-oriented and detail-oriented 

● Ability to maturely handle constructive criticism 

● Ability to work on tight deadlines 


● Brainstorming: The Writing Specialist will be asked to brainstorm with the College Admissions Consultant about the direction of the essay. 

● Condensation: the Writing Specialist will be asked to condense the rough drafts to fit within the designated word limit.  

● Editing: The essay may go through extensive edits (up to 15 drafts) before finalization. The Writing Specialist will be asked to follow the specified comments made by the College Admissions Consultant to edit for clarity, style, flow, and structure. 

● Proofreading: The Writing Specialist will be asked to proofread the student’s essay for grammar and spelling. 

● Research: The college admissions process and policies change on a yearly basis, requiring up-to-date information to properly service our clients. When essay volume is low, the Writing Specialist can expect to receive assignments researching specificities regarding select colleges. 

● Business Development & Administration: When essay volume is low, the Writing Specialist can expect to work on projects that contribute to the overall administration and growth of Cardinal Education 

● Application Process: Applicants will complete an editing test and questionnaire with an optional secondary writing test for those needing further evaluation. Afterward, the applicant will receive an interview with a Managing Consultant and member of the College 

Admissions Consulting Team. The last stage will be a final interview with the CEO of Cardinal Education, Allen Koh, and a member of our Human Resources department. 


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