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HR & Admin Assistant Manager

Honda Logistics Philippine Incorporated Posted: 18 Month
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Job Summary

-          Manages and develop the Organization’s Human Resources from Compensation and Benefits, Recruitment and Training, Performance Management, Employee Relations and Engagement, Labor Relations. Manages the Administration and Impex section including all Permits, Licenses and LOA relating to business.

Job Description

-          Bridge management and labor/employee relations by addressing demands, grievances and other issues

-          Create, develop, monitors, overall HR & Administration strategic system and procedures across the organization and streamline process

-          Create proper employee’s skills and personal development thru training enhancing program

-          Nurture a positive working environment

-          Manages schedule and deadlines

-          Ensure the smooth and adequate flow of information within the company to facilitate other business operations

-          Monitor inventory of office and Janitorial supplies and purchasing of new material with attention to budgetary constraints

-          Assists and oversee Company events and activities

-          Assist staff performance and provide coaching and guidance to ensure maximum efficiency

-          Keep abreast with all organizational changes and business development

-          Oversee and manages HR & Admin Staff

-          Oversee and manages performance appraisal system that drives high performance

-          Verify and approve memorandum for employees for the alleged violations and necessary sanctions based on CRR up to issuance to erring employee/s

-          Maintain pay/compensation plan and benefits program

-          Verify business correspondence

-          Oversee and implement CRR and Corporate Governance of the Company

-          Headed Corporate Governance policy making and implementation

-          Assure legal compliance by coordinating with the Company’s Corporate Lawyer

-          Attends to important managerial level meeting/s outside the company

-          Bridge and support Company’s registered LMC to Top Management

-          Verify contracts/agreement for Top Management’s signature

-          Perform other task related to the Job Tittle or as maybe assigned by his immediate superior or management of the Company

Job Distribution / Job Routine

Daily Routine

-          Monitor overall manpower operation

-          Check e-mails

-          Verify daily attendance

-          Coordinate with the Government Agency when the need arises

-          Reports daily HR & Admin schedule to the Management including updates and information that has impact to business

-          Coordinate with the General Manager  regarding Maintenance / Operation schedule

-          Monitor and update daily Company activities

-          Monitor and arrange Japanese Visitor and Official’s schedule

-          Verify Office machine and equipment ‘s status including internet connection and email capacity

-          Verify janitorial work schedule activities

-          Verify the security operation

-          Verify the canteen operation

-          HR & Administration forms issuance and monitoring

Weekly Routine

-          Attend to weekly meeting  with the Management of the Company

Semi-Monthly  Routine

-          Check Timekeeping Reports and Payroll Entries (before 5th and 20th pay out schedule)

-          Verify and approve employee’s loan application (SSS, HDMF, Motorcycle Loan, etc.)

Monthly Routine

-          Check updated Employee Records

-          Attend to SQE meeting with the Management of the Company

-          Monitor and coordinate with Health Insurance Service Provider regarding the updated utilization

-          Check monthly reports, Fleet Card, RFID, Benefits (SSS, HDMF, PHILHEALTH)

-          Verify Company Vehicle Registration and sticker application


-          Perform   

-          ance and Target Review thru Two-Way

Yearly Routine

-          Evaluation of Health/Life/Accident Insurance

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