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Green Antz Builders Inc.

Business Unit President- Waste Management

Green Antz Builders Inc. Posted: 23 Month
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·         Analyze and explore market trends specific to the business unit’s production line to help the business unit implement measures that lead to growth and use data collected to identify new opportunities.

·         Formulate revenue and profitability targets and plans and coordinate the execution of the plans to achieve the targets

·         Strategize in various ways to achieve set outcomes, devise new marketing strategies to increase product sales, create strategies for the business unit’s promotional activities and reexamine and modify strategies that aren’t pushing the business unit to meeting its goals.

·         Once the business unit’s goals and plans are established and agreed upon by all stakeholders, actively monitor those goals and plans to ensure that progress is made and the goals are on track to reach the desired outcome by the set deadline.

·         Understand and meet the needs of all customers as well as addressing the concerns of business unit stakeholders.

·         Formulate business unit policies and procedures, implement them and hold others accountable for following them consistently.

·         Effectively communicate the expectation levels and vision of the business unit to staff members; motivate, encourage and train staff in a manner that results in high performance and general growth of the business unit; and effectively mentor staff members to help them achieve set outcomes.

·         Foster cooperation among individuals and departments in the areas of sharing resources and information and working together to accomplish business unit goals.

·         Establish and implement high standards of performance while encouraging and empowering subordinates toward high performance.

·         Offer opportunities and support to all subordinates to help them improve their professional competencies.

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