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Novacell Telecom Corporation


Novacell Telecom Corporation Posted: 25 Month
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  • Gathering evidence about the financial state of an organisation to ensure that the money going in and out is recorded and processed correctly.
  • Preparing reports, which may include a balance sheet, income and cash flow statement for stakeholders and shareholders of an organisation.
  • Gauging levels of financial risk within an organisation and ensuring assets are protected.
  • Computing taxes owed and preparing tax returns

  • Inspecting accounting books and systems for efficiency and proper accounting procedures

  • Using existing auditing platforms to analyze claims and ensure proper funds for each claim

  • Working with the compliance manager to ensure they bill and administer claims following health insurance requirements and legal framework

  • Identifying persistent claims error trends and reporting those trends to management

  • Suggesting ways to reduce costs, improve accounting systems and work more efficiently

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