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FERRICH GLOBAL Posted: 23 Month
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  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Capture One and other raw image processing
  • Knowledge of techniques, principles and equipment of modern photography including still, motion, colour and black & white photography
  • Knowledge of basic computer operations and software to perform photo editing
  • Performs custom and specialised photography in the studio or on location
  • Strong passion in photography
  • Understands that catalogue/ product shoots are core to the business and is able to complete the task in tight dateline
  • Had experiences in photography ( 1 Years or 2 Years )


  • Carrying out research and preparation for a shoot
  • Conducting photo-shoots and able to commit large volume of product shooting within tight dateline
  • Liaise with photographers to set correct mood and color for the season’s imagery
  • Set color, scale and composition standards to ensure consistency in preparation of all images output for web
  • Develop and maintain digital assets / files structure organization
  • Carry out ad hoc duties as and when required
  • Carrying out photo editing and retouching to achieve high quality and standard images


  • Attractive salary
  • Annual leave
  • On job training
  • Outstation allowances

Additional Benefits

  • Annual Leave
  • Overtime Pay
  • Annual Bonus
  • 5 Working Days
  • Company Trip


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